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Brian Francis

Brian Francis

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About Me

Brian Francis is a distinguished professional in the financial technology sector, currently serving as the Head of AccountChek at Informative Research. With a career spanning over 30 years, he has been instrumental in driving innovation and technological advancements within the industry. Prior to his current role, Brian served as the CTO at FormFree, where he honed his expertise in digital verifications and account aggregation. Under his leadership, AccountChek has become a pivotal platform for mortgage lenders, streamlining the loan qualification process by enabling borrowers to securely and efficiently share their financial data. His efforts have significantly reduced manual errors and fraud risk, while also improving connection success rates to above 99%. This has led to the completion of over 32.9 million jobs and the closure of more than 3.1 million mortgage loans, totaling over $1.1 trillion. Brian's vision for modern banking connections and Open Finance has been a game-changer, ensuring more secure and lasting connections for users. His commitment to data quality and his ability to foster partnerships, like the one with MX, have elevated the standards of mortgage lending data. Residing in Atlanta, Georgia, Brian continues to be a driving force in the fintech space, dedicated to enhancing the borrower experience and accelerating the lending process.

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4.75 (2 reviews)

Manuel Lopez
April 28, 2024

Thank you Brian for taking the time to pass along some great advice! I will look into a couple of the tools you suggested and come back with more ?'s

Manuel Lopez
April 20, 2024

Fast and knowledgeable response! I appreciate your recommendations as it gives me something to look into further!