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About Me

Brad Gosse: Imagine a renegade marketer, a best-selling author, and a social media sorcerer all rolled into one. That's Brad. With over a million followers clinging to his every word, he's not just playing the social media game; he's the ringmaster of his own digital circus. A maestro of mockery with the stats to back it up, Brad doesn't just push boundaries in comedy – he dropkicks them into oblivion. His books? They're like grenades of giggles wrapped in a veneer of respectability – over 100 titles that have left readers howling with laughter and wondering if they should be concerned about their own sanity. Best-selling? You bet. This is what happens when Dr. Seuss and Cardi B have a literary love child who's unapologetically adult. But wait, there's more. Brad's not just a funny guy with a flair for the written word; he's a marketing mastermind, the Houdini of hype. His specialty? Conjuring viral sensations out of thin air. Fake products, bizarre concepts, he's the wizard behind the curtain, making the internet do a double-take and then hit share. In the virtual world of likes, shares, and viral fame, Brad stands as a colossus, armed with wit as sharp as Occam's razor and a mind that's three steps ahead of the meme curve. So, if you're looking for a laugh, some unconventional wisdom, or just a break from the mundane, you've come to the right place. Brad Gosse: part comedian, part author, part marketing maverick, and entirely one of a kind. Ready to become the next big thing on the internet? Let Brad Gosse, the viral virtuoso, guide you through the labyrinth of online fame. Whether you're aiming to craft a marketing campaign that spreads like wildfire or looking to create viral videos that captivate millions, Brad’s got the Midas touch that turns content into digital gold. Trolls getting you down? He'll show you how to tackle them with the finesse of a seasoned stand-up comedian facing a heckler. Dream of seeing your name on a bestseller list? Brad's self-publishing savvy is your ticket to literary stardom. Building a following isn't just a skill; it's an art form, and with Brad's guidance, you'll be painting a masterpiece. From stand-up comedy that leaves audiences in stitches to public speaking that commands a room, he's the maestro of the stage. Want to build a personal brand that's as unforgettable as a catchy jingle? Brad's your go-to guru. He's not just about self-promotion; he's about self-revolution. Dive into the deep end of digital dominance with Brad Gosse, and emerge not just as a player but as a game-changer.

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Graphic Design
Social Media
Stand-Up Comedy


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5 (1 reviews)

Dustin Gutkowski
February 2, 2024

Best advice I’ve had in a long time. Brad is amazing and you have to connect with him