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About Me

Bobir Akilkhanov is a serial tech entrepreneur with 24 years of experience founding and scaling multiple 8 figure companies from scratch. Currently operating an IT consultancy agency (Jafton.com, a remote work solutions product (Missed.com), and member of the Forbes Tech Council. Why Connect with Bobir? 1. Help start-ups and small businesses reach the next levels 2. Consult tech businesses on their current problems 3. Development of SaaS products 4. Development of app and software 5. Creating and defining MVP's

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5 (4 reviews)

David Pere
May 2, 2024

set me on the right path with a great answer!

Manuel Lopez
May 2, 2024

I appreciate the recommendations and have some homework to do now! Thank you for taking the time to answer my question!

Sam Bensik
March 16, 2024

5/5. Would book again

Ethan Fitzgerald
February 9, 2024

We had a great interview. Thank you for sharing your experience