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About Me 👋 Greetings, I'm Ben Pappas, a trailblazer in data strategy, blockchain, and artificial intelligence. As the CIO of Valuetainment, PBD Podcast, Bet-David Consulting and Minnect, I'm not just playing the game—I'm changing it. I transform data into dynamic business solutions that rewrite the rules. Professional Highlights 🏆 My career is a series of masterstrokes in entrepreneurship and strategic innovation. At Beti Technologies, I didn't just create an AI-integrated sales platform—I revolutionized sales automation, culminating in a blockbuster exit. My roles at BMP Insurance Services, CallCreator, and Orange Labs were more than jobs; they were a series of triumphs in growth and lucrative exits, showcasing my flair for scaling businesses into empires. Expertise and Impact 🚀 I don't just specialize in building first-party data systems; I redefine them for e-commerce and media giants, merging AI prowess with shrewd business acumen. The $100M deal I sealed at Summit Risk Advisors? That's just a taste of how I navigate the high-stakes world of mergers and acquisitions. Personal Life and Interests 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦🎨 Beyond the boardroom, I'm a family man, an artist, and a coach. My life's canvas is rich—adorned with a loving family, over $2 million in art sales, and countless moments coaching my kids' teams. These aren't just hobbies; they're the colors that make my life a masterpiece. Why Connect with Me ⁉️ Join forces with me for unparalleled insights on: 1. Mastering AI and data strategy to catapult business growth. 2. The roadmap from startup launch to headline-making exit. 3. Juggling a high-octane career with a fulfilling personal saga. 4. Crafting and leading teams that don't just function—they excel. I'm not just sharing knowledge—I'm offering a blueprint to thrive in the business arena while living a life rich in experiences. Let's start this journey of transformation together."

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Nathan Cheng
February 24, 2024

I appreciate the thoughtful engagement, on a Sat no less. Great svc. Much to think about, leaps of faith to make, passion projects to choose amongst..

Justin Meyers
February 23, 2024

F’in love the energy of the Vaultainment team Ben your great! Appreciate your reach out! 💯💯

JC Morrow
February 22, 2024

Truly thoughtful, worth repeat listening, sparking personal reflection. Thanks! (So far reaction to my book has been all positive.)

Dennis Kid
February 20, 2024

Thanks you for the quick responds. Very good advice.

Decentra Homes
February 20, 2024

Great feedback Ben, I will be sure to connect and answer your questions.

Matt Archbold
February 18, 2024

Great answer from Ben on this one!!