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About Me

Ben retired at the age of 24 after selling patents for $150 Million. Since then he’s invested in hundreds of businesses as a venture capitalist and took an active role in 16 businesses that have generated over $500 Million in sales. He won multiple medals in bodybuilding competitions and has competed in many cage fights around the world. In March of 2023 Ben started creating videos on Social Media gaining over 1 billion combined views. If life was a video game, Ben is the character you would want to be. Since you can’t be Ben, the next best thing is to be coached by him. Ben has mentored hundreds of people individually and thousands of people online to achieve greater success in Business, Fitness, Mindset, Relationships, Spirituality and Combat Sports. Through his words, Ben has a way of connecting directly to your soul to create immediate and lasting changes, pulling out the authentic you and helping you reach your true purpose and maximum potential in life.

Where I can help

Mixed Martial Arts
Real Estate
Social Media
Sports Performance
Strength and Conditioning


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