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About Me

Anthony and Tereza are the founders and owners of Lolli Brands Entertainment. Anthony Lolli - Father of Love & Legend, Real Estate Mogul, Multi - Award Winning Entrepreneur, Best-Selling Author, Award Winning Documentarian and a Muscle Model Pro. He became a multi-millionaire at the age of 23 and is an expert at startups, business management, wealth building, asset protection, franchising, marketing strategies, documentary making and body transformation. Tereza Hakobyan-Lolli - Mother of Love & Legend, Real Estate Developer, Award Winning Producer, Actress, Singer & a 2 time Bikini Pro. She immigrated from Armenia at the age of 20 and conquered her own American Dream. She is an expert at parenting, managing and coaching her successful actor children, real estate acquisitions, money management, relationship design, multi-tasking and architecting life.

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