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4.78 (23 reviews)

Leila Lahlal
July 22, 2023

Inchallah ✨

Leila Lahlal
July 20, 2023

Trust your heart because he knows before the mind and most importantly trust God. When you activate this you wake up good and you attract evil. That’s why prayer is key. I can’t do any more. Respect

Leila Baptista
July 12, 2023

Perspective Vs Perception Humility Vs Humiliation difference between 98/2. The only intention in heart is just a father who wants to help his sons and a nobody who wants free herself. The real General is tenacious.You just follow the lead. Doesn’t matter where the blessing lives we can find it and use it as long as we’re ready. If we’re not we have to let the blessing continue to hide.And Only God knows.Even a heartbeat comes true under his command…You’re welcome

Sara Dumitrana
July 3, 2023

He seeks truth and I pray he finds it :)

Dr Adam Katz MD
July 3, 2023

Only chirping about smoking of course. Appreciate the opportunity.

Dr Adam Katz MD
July 3, 2023

Let’s hope that we can connect now. Thanks.