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About Me

Adam “SOS” Sosnick. Host at Valuetainment. Financial & Networking expert. I help you improve your finances, relationships & overall improve your life. Wherever you’re at in life, I have been there. In my 20s I went from being a broke jack of all trades, nightlife promoter in Miami to becoming a financial expert and millionaire by 35. If I can figure it out, so can YOU. Now my mission is helping men level up and reach your fullest potential. I look forward to MINNECTING with you! -SOS

Where I can help

Social Media
Wealth Management
Health and Wellness


Find me on the Minnect app and ask me a question or booking a call!

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4.94 (221 reviews)

Alan Brown
March 1, 2024

I'm currently still in the planning phase til maybe May before I can market research the water biz in Atlanta. Thanks again, buddy! I love the merch!

Chad Corliss
February 29, 2024

Adam is so great 1on1, not even using half his potential as a cohost. Adam would do awesome in a Lex Fridman sertting and would get as many followers☆

Jesse Smith
February 29, 2024

Thank you Adam for your response and advice.

Frank Perconte
February 28, 2024

Adam took the time to respond thoughtfully to my comment. I think the app is a great way to feel connected to the show.

Josh Tyrell
February 28, 2024

Much appreciated!!

Chuck Lohr
February 28, 2024

Always great advice from Adam that's sincere and honest. Where else can you get that for such a low price??