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Thomas Ellsworth


$500 per 30 minutes

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About Me

Hello! It’s me - The Biz Doc - I am an expert on startups, leadership, strategy, fundraising, management, and operations. You may have seen me on the PBD Podcast or doing case studies on the Biz Doc Podcast on Valuetainment (YouTube / Spotify). How I Can Help: Ask me about business / startup topics or something else. Your success is my goal! - I can help you get you from where you are today to where you want to be. - As a seasoned operator that has founded, grown and sold multiple companies (and endured challenges and hardships along the way), odds are that I have been exactly where you are today - and have felt every bit of the stress, fatigue, exhilaration, defeat, and anxiety that you might be experiencing now. - I can look you in the eye and say I understand because I DO understand because I have been there… and found a way to succeed. Why schedule a 1:1 Video call with me? 1. You are a founder that is "way too busy" and feels trapped. Maybe your team is not "ready" or "under-powered" and you wish they could do more or have been hoping they would step-up. You want and need a staff plan that fixes this and enables the business to pick up speed while taking some burden off you. 2. You have a sensitive situation with a key member of your team and want to process a plan. You are cautious about talking to anybody internally (perhaps it’s not appropriate or it might leak and cause issues) but want to bounce some ideas and strategize with someone who understands your situation. 3. You have a general business issue that you want to process and test some ideas. Maybe it’s re-organizing your team or considering an acquisition or bringing on a partner. We can have these type of conversations in private, so it will not leak to your team or spook them. 4. You want to optimize your presentation deck and test your story as you engage in fundraising. I understand how venture capitalists, private investors, and private equity firms think. I can give you feedback and help optimize your story so that you’re ready to approach investors with confidence 5. You want to be prepared for an eventual sale that brings you the top price. How do you work with an investment banker to present your company and run the process? How do you structure your team today so you are ready for the sale in the future. What things will the buyers be looking for and how do they prioritize them? How do you put a value on the business in the first place? How do you sell the business and not end up handcuffed to the buyer as a perpetual consultant? I have successfully navigated this jungle, and can help you build a plan to succeed. Something else? Ask me a quick text question and we can see if a 1:1 video call makes sense. Let’s take you and your business higher! I promise to leave you better than I found you! Tom Ellsworth - The Biz Doc

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